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New Minerals Local Plan

Nottinghamshire County Council have informed us that there is to be a new Minerals Local Plan, (MLP), given that the previous plan was withdrawn in May 2017.

The new plan will cover the period until 2036 and will, once again, address the issue of which of several Nottinghamshire sites will be shortlisted. Coddington is still potentially included within the list.

Therefore, all previous objections made to the council must be resubmitted and the whole process is reset.

For fruther information, please see below:

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Public Consultation - February 15th to 29th March

As you will no doubt already know Coddington is a major site proposed for Sand and Gravel Extraction and included in the latest “Nottinghamshire Draft Minerals Plan”, approved in January by Nottinghamshire County Council.

A Public Consultation period of six weeks now begins. During this time you, the general public, have a chance to make your objections to the scheme, and it is VITAL that as many local residents as possible do so.

Objections are best done ON LINE by accessing the Nottinghamshire County Council web site by clicking here to access all relevant documents including an ON – LINE “Representation Form” which you can either complete on line and send in by e-mail, or print off/complete and send by post.

Either way we need your support.

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Campaign Posters

We have produced a number of PDF files that may be downloaded and printed and displayed win windows, on lamp posts where appropriate.

Some have been designed specifically for use as car stickers.

Hanson Group

At our last CAGE group meeting (28th May) I was asked to contact Hanson Group, inviting them to the village to outline their plans and discuss our concerns. Letters were sent to the Hanson's Grp CEO, Director of Aggregates and the Group Asset Development Director.

David Weeks (PR and Communications Director) responded immediately as follows:

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CAGE Petition Returns

By 8 September 2255 signatures had been obtained from Coddington (prime concerns the hazards of proximity to the quarry) and Newark and surrounding areas (prime concerns the increase in traffic congestion): of these 750 signatures from Coddington represent 75% of the adult population.  The collected signatures on the petition have now been submitted.


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The Effect of Quarries on Newark

Members of the Coddington Action Group (C.A.G.E.) were in Newark Market on Saturday 23rd August, raising awareness of the proposed sand and gravel quarry on the edge of Coddington, just two and a half miles from the town, and of its likely impact of on the area, including the town centre. The group’s main concerns are traffic, health and environment.

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Campaign Video

We have a campaign video (of sorts)! It's a brief slideshow in video format dealing with a common retort you've probably heard several times already ...

"you won't know it's there"

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Local MP hears concerns of local residents

Robert Jenrick MP, recently elected parliamentary for Newark, met members of the action group on Thursday 7th August to to hear concerns about the proposed quarry near Coddington. Robert Campbell and other members of the action group updated him with details of the campaign and showed maps of the affected area in respect of its close vicinity to Coddington village.

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Online Petition

Our online petition is now up and running!

You can access it here on is known worldwide as an effective means by which online petitions can be publicised. Signing the online petition does not mean you cannot sign the hardcopy petition and vice versa. We will simply denote whenever names appear in both. The wording is essentially the same as on the hardcopy petition, which is as follows:

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The Dangers of Increased Traffic Transporting Gravel

The County Council Plan reckons that the proposed quarry at Coddington will have an output of 500,000 tonnes per year. Suppose the quarry operates 5 days per week for 50 weeks in the year:  this would mean 2,000 tonnes of gravel or sand leaving the site on each of these days.  The standard dumper truck capacity is around 20 tonnes. It follows that there would be 100 loaded lorries per day leaving the site and 100 empty ones returning:  200 extra lorry movements on the A17 each working day.  

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The Nuisance of Noise from a Gravel Pit/Quarry Operation

“At almost every single part of the extractive and downstream processing stages of a quarry operation some level of noise may be generated. The extractive sequences of overburden removal and storage, drilling and blasting, loading and transportation (by dump trucks or conveyor belts) of the quarried minerals to the processing plant will all generate both mobile and static noise sources. The normally static processing plant consisting of the primary crushing and secondary processing of the mineral products will also present a source of noise.

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