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Our online petition is now up and running!

You can access it here on is known worldwide as an effective means by which online petitions can be publicised. Signing the online petition does not mean you cannot sign the hardcopy petition and vice versa. We will simply denote whenever names appear in both. The wording is essentially the same as on the hardcopy petition, which is as follows:

 Petition to Notts County Council

We, the undersigned, are strongly opposed to the proposed quarry at Coddington. We are extremely concerned:

  • by the additional and unacceptable demands it will place on the already inadequate road infrastructure, leading to increased traffic congestion on the minor roads as well as on the A17, A46 and A1;
  • by the risk to health associated with poor air quality, noise and light pollution as a result of the quarry’s close proximity;  and
  • at the catastrophic environmental threat posed to Stapleford Wood and the associated negative impact on the local water table.

Coddington Site PA10 is wholly unsuitable and we insist that it be removed from the Council’s Mineral Local Plan.