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We have a campaign video (of sorts)! It's a brief slideshow in video format dealing with a common retort you've probably heard several times already ...

"you won't know it's there"

People who usually assert this, tend, by and large, to be referring to one particular facet of the proposed quarry - for instance noise. The video content, which we hope to augment with at least some of the poster material, addresses this head on, highlighting the fact that the effects of the quarry are profound and numerous. Therefore, the title is:

"you WILL know it's there".

If the music sends you to sleep, or if you don't like French composers, we're open to suggestions. However, Robert did make one suggestion, which was dismissed in approximately two seconds. Other than that, we're all ears. Please bear in mind that copyright is often an issue, so there's a limited scope from which to choose.