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Members of the Coddington Action Group (C.A.G.E.) were in Newark Market on Saturday 23rd August, raising awareness of the proposed sand and gravel quarry on the edge of Coddington, just two and a half miles from the town, and of its likely impact of on the area, including the town centre. The group’s main concerns are traffic, health and environment.

The group’s spokesman said “Newark has an already overloaded road system, and many residents worry that additional traffic will impair access to and from the town, especially if an accident or major road works cause delays and diversions. The proposed quarry will add 180 HGV movements, plus staff, supply and maintenance vehicles to the A17/A46 and A1, with trucks distributing product to Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire along these major routes.”

CAGE membersChairman, Robert Campbell, said “many were unaware of the proposal to include Coddington in Nottinghamshire’s Mineral’s Plan. Residents, and visitors to the town, were eager to sign the petition with 345 signatures in under an hour. We plan to repeat the exercise soon.”

Other concerns are about air borne particulates, carried by wind and vehicles, especially in dry weather conditions, to nearby villages and Newark town, where toxins and silica particles can be inhaled and cause real problems, especially for the young, elderly and people with existing health conditions.

Environmental issues threaten wildlife, trees and plant life around the ancient woodland known as “Stapleford Woods” with the potential loss of amenities, enjoyed by generations, for educational and leisure purposes.

The County Council’s own report admits that ”this quarry would have a negative impact on noise, dust, traffic, risk of flooding, bio-diversity, landscape and agricultural land.”