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At our last CAGE group meeting (28th May) I was asked to contact Hanson Group, inviting them to the village to outline their plans and discuss our concerns. Letters were sent to the Hanson's Grp CEO, Director of Aggregates and the Group Asset Development Director.

David Weeks (PR and Communications Director) responded immediately as follows:

Dear Mr Campbell

Thank you for all three of your letters which I have forwarded to my colleagues, and to which I am responding jointly on their behalf. We do, indeed, have an interest in the site at Coddington as a potential source of sand and gravel at some stage in the future. However, at this point in time all we are doing is endeavouring to get the site listed as an option in the emerging Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan.

If we succeed in this aim, which will be subject to the normal democratic process, we are still some years away from preparing any draft working or restoration plans with which to consult the local community. When and if we reached the stage of preparing a planning application and environmental impact assessment you can rest assured that we will consult widely and properly with all interested parties to ensure that the development takes into account any concerns or suggestions that the local community may have.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions

Yours sincerely
David Weeks

PR and communications director
Hanson UK