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As you will no doubt already know Coddington is a major site proposed for Sand and Gravel Extraction and included in the latest “Nottinghamshire Draft Minerals Plan”, approved in January by Nottinghamshire County Council.

A Public Consultation period of six weeks now begins. During this time you, the general public, have a chance to make your objections to the scheme, and it is VITAL that as many local residents as possible do so.

Objections are best done ON LINE by accessing the Nottinghamshire County Council web site by clicking here to access all relevant documents including an ON – LINE “Representation Form” which you can either complete on line and send in by e-mail, or print off/complete and send by post.

Either way we need your support.

After that time it will be TOO LATE and the matter will be passed to “The Secretary of State” who will appoint an Independent Inspector to review the plan and accept/reject it.

These objections, together with the petition raised by the village will be critically important to the case we present to that enquiry and individual objections will carry great weight.

The main reasons for objections – (though these are not exhaustive) are as follows:

  1. Additional and unsustainable pressure on the road network, in particular on the A17/A1 and A46 and at major junctions and roundabouts.
  2. Potential dangers faced by schoolchildren on roads through the village of Coddington AND
  3. Adverse visual impacts, noise and vibrations from work, machinery and HGV movements on residential properties adjacent to the development, including the spoiling of important amenities such as Stapleford Woods and the surrounding areas.

Your PR Sub Group, with the assistance of The Parish Council and the local County Councillor, Mrs Maureen Dobson will continue efforts to publicise the cause and represent our interests as a community.

Meanwhile we urge you to take this important step, for the good of the whole village, our families and future generations.

If you require any additional detail please visit the Nottinghamshire County Council web site, the C.A.G.E. website or contact myself or a member of the Parish Council.

Thank you

Robert Campbell (FMInstSMM)
Coddington Against Gravel Extraction