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If you'd like to show your support by signing our petition against the quarry, you can sign our physical petition if you're in or around Coddington or the Beacon Heights area.
If you'd like to do so, you can sign the petition at a number of locations. Alternatively, you can sign our online petition via the link below:

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This is your chance to have your say on this new quarry, by letting the County Council hear your voice.

Our campaign is focused upon addressing what we believe to be the unsustainability of the quarrying proposal in the respect of:


Our campaign is drawing attention to the addition of an estimated 180 additional daily lorry movements as a result of the proposed quarry.  Support vehicle movements and staff taking a shortcut to work through roads not suited to heavy traffic will have a profound effect upon the area. It will increase congestion and compound delays significantly at times of accident and emergency. These traffic problems will not only impact Coddington and the A17, experience has already shown us that Newark is ideally situated to create a 'perfect storm' of congestion East/West on the A46, and North/South on the A1. Moreover, the roundabouts near Currys/Know How are already designated as regional and national accident black-spots. Major amenities in the area such as Newark Showground and the Air Museum will also become less accessible.


Any proposal for the deployment of a quarry must address the issue of Environmental Sustainability. We believe the quarry will have a negative effect upon the environment disporportionate to the assumed benefits. Its proposed location immediately adjacent Stapleford Wood is hugely significant. We will be seeking to support our arguments with empirical evidence showing the profound effect upon the local environment.


We will reference studies that show how the effect of the dust produced in sand and gravel quarrying, which is by no means insignificant - not to mention the detrimental effect of increased traffic upon air quality. What characterises the Coddington quarry proposal as opposed to other similar (but much smaller) proposed quarries in the area is its extremely close vicinity to Coddington village.

Commercial Impact

Our campaign will draw attention to the likely effect of the proposed quarry, not only on businesses in the immediate vicinity, but upon the whole of Newark and surrounding area.

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Ways in which the excavation will affect the Newark and the neighbourhood ...

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