Commercial Impact

Potential Losses

It is almost impossible to quantify the potential losses, in economic terms that could follow the development of both Coddington and Averham, as sand and gravel quarries.

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Roads and Routes

The current road system is overloaded (see Road Report above), and most local residents will recall the weekly, if not daily, problems faced accessing the town at peak hours, or when there is an accident /roadwork’s, especially on the A1/A46 backing traffic up through the centre of Newark.

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On the Newark and Sherwood web site the Economic development team says:

“Newark and Sherwood sits at the heart of England, between the A1 and the M1, on the East Coast Mainline and we are aware of making the most of this when it comes to attracting businesses into the area. We are aware of the positive developments such as the dualling of the A46 and also of the areas where development is still needed such as additional roads/junctions and pinch points on our networks.”

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On tourism the Economic Development Team says;  “We have much to celebrate and be proud of in our district. Some examples include Southwell, which is steeped in history including the Minster; Sherwood Forest; Rufford Country Park; Vicar Water; Newark Castle and our developing National Civil War Centre - Newark Museum. We have festivals such as the Southwell Folk Festival, the Newark Festival and many themed weekends such as the Jazz Weekend. Our strategy has recently been reviewed and we will be working with our local businesses in order to develop our offer so that more people not only visit our District but stay overnight with us.”

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