Commercial Impact

On tourism the Economic Development Team says;  “We have much to celebrate and be proud of in our district. Some examples include Southwell, which is steeped in history including the Minster; Sherwood Forest; Rufford Country Park; Vicar Water; Newark Castle and our developing National Civil War Centre - Newark Museum. We have festivals such as the Southwell Folk Festival, the Newark Festival and many themed weekends such as the Jazz Weekend. Our strategy has recently been reviewed and we will be working with our local businesses in order to develop our offer so that more people not only visit our District but stay overnight with us.”

With such attractions we would feel Newark has a great future in tourism terms, The National Civil War Centre and Newark Museum is set to attract up to 60,000 new visitors per year, and the development of tourist apps and further investigation of Newark’s Tunnel System could mean more employment and economic benefit for the whole area.

In a presentation earlier this year to the District Council, Jennifer Spencer, Chief Executive of Experience Nottinghamshire, said “tourism was worth around £215m p.a. to our area, representing some 3.6m day and 311,000 overnight visitors in 2013”.  Overnight visitors spend, on average, £100 more than day visitors, but £215m represented less than 25% of the value of tourism outside of Nottingham City.  Maureen Dobson, local County Councillor, claimed that not enough Hotel Business came to the area, and they needed to know why.

Unfortunately, if traffic access to Newark gets more and more difficult due to traffic congestion caused by quarrying, our existing tourist business will be threatened. The much anticipated increase in tourism may well not be realised resulting in any economic advantages from these new initiatives being lost.