• The site is populated by birds that are categorised as ‘Rare and declining, farmland and woodland birds’, including several on the red list.
  • The site contains a Biological Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) known as Moor Brats Drain - categorised by NCC as ‘A drain of interest for Water Beetles’.
  • The site adjoins Stapleford Woods, which is a habitat for many moisture-loving plants on the NCC “Rare Plants Register, 2013”. Effects on the water table are of grave concern to trees, flora and the woodland ecology.
  • The site adjoins Moor Brats Woodland (predates 1835) and is close to an area of Ancient Woodland within Stapleford Woods and several areas of Deciduous Woodland (Priority BAP).
  • The site is not far from other SINCs;
  • Langford Moor, an area that has ‘Valuable plant and animal communities along rides and in drainage ditches throughout this coniferous forestry plantation’
  • 2/810 – Newark Golf Course ‘A good mixed habitat association of acidic grassland, heath and deciduous woodland’
  • Coddington Plantation unmanaged, mainly deciduous woodland of high botanical value”.
  • The northern end of the site has a high risk of flooding (from river water, Flood Zone 3)
  • The soils have high leaching potential and groundwater quality may be at risk.
  • The site is less than 3km from the Winthorpe Conservation Area which incorporates more mature parkland and streams (linked via watercourses that cross the MP2o site and flow beneath former Winthorpe Air Base).