It is a known fact that quarry noise is one of the major complaints in all nuisance cases against existing quarries. Investigations for health & safety reasons concluded that plant work (e.g. gravel) was the second noisiest industry for workers to be involved in.  Obtrusive noise comes from:

  • grading plants, crushers, conveying equipment, loading shovels and trucks, earth moving equipment and water pumps  (very often running 24/7);
  • the ’reversing’ alarms from plant equipment;
  • the ‘start up’ alarms from static plant; and
  • aggregate noise when loading into empty truck bodies from hoppers and mobile loading plant.

The village of Coddington is already bombarded with noise from the A1 and A17 trunk roads, and at weekends from Newark Showground’s tannoy system, which is in the vicinity of the proposed quarry site, adjacent to the A17.  It will be virtually impossible to suppress the noise from the quarry as it will be situated on the same ground level as the village, which also means that the plant site will be visible from the edge of the village and it is unlikely that vegetation, of any type, will mitigate the problem sufficiently.
British Standard 4142: 1997 revised 2014, states that should the existing background noise be exceeded by 10dB it is an ‘unacceptable’ noise level and complaints are likely, should the rating be 5dB above the background noise it is still of a ‘marginal significance’ and complaints are possible. (ISVR Consulting. Southdowns Consultants).
The overall visual effect of the site area will be encased in high metal fences (for Health & Safety reasons) and will disrupt an open view of our landscape.

Although it is not known from the current planning, there may be other allied industries operating from the site which add to noise and traffic levels.  For example: concrete batching, tarmac processing and bagging plant for out-sales to builder’s merchants etc.