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We contend that the proposed quarry will have a profound detrimental effect upon the traffic flow village and surrounding roads, causing congestion and consequently creating a knock-on effect of traffic seeking to avoid that congestion through the village.

Traffic Congestion

One of Coddington’s strong objections to the proposed Local Mineral Plan MP2o is the inadequate infrastructure of the road network in and around Newark-on-Trent. It will cause long delays, resulting in people avoiding the town, which could have an adverse impact on trade and businesses.

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County Road Safety manager, Mrs Pam Shaw’s report states that almost a fifth of all road casualties in Nottinghamshire occur in the Newark and Sherwood area and most of the fatalities are on the districts ‘A’ roads. The A1/A46/A17 junction is ranked in the top 10% nationally for casualties.

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Alternative Forms of Transport

Government policy states that movements of aggregate materials should be, where possible, moved by rail and waterways to reduce carbon emissions, reduce road noise, airborne vibrations and effects on road verge habitats. It is deemed to be the most cost effective and environment way to transport aggregates over large distances.

Visitors to Newark

The National Civil War Centre – Newark Museum hopes to attract 57,000 visitors per year, also a Heritage Trail with mobile technologies moving between Queens Sconce, The Castle, Southwell, and Thurgarton, will both add to the volume of traffic on the already congested roads.

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The Dangers of Increased Traffic Transporting Gravel

The County Council Plan reckons that the proposed quarry at Coddington will have an output of 500,000 tonnes per year. Suppose the quarry operates 5 days per week for 50 weeks in the year:  this would mean 2,000 tonnes of gravel or sand leaving the site on each of these days.  The standard dumper truck capacity is around 20 tonnes. It follows that there would be 100 loaded lorries per day leaving the site and 100 empty ones returning:  200 extra lorry movements on the A17 each working day.  

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