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The County Council Plan reckons that the proposed quarry at Coddington will have an output of 500,000 tonnes per year. Suppose the quarry operates 5 days per week for 50 weeks in the year:  this would mean 2,000 tonnes of gravel or sand leaving the site on each of these days.  The standard dumper truck capacity is around 20 tonnes. It follows that there would be 100 loaded lorries per day leaving the site and 100 empty ones returning:  200 extra lorry movements on the A17 each working day.  

Coddington Parish Council’s submission of October 2013 says:

“Whilst [the quarry] would have access to the A17 and thence to the A46 and A1, the junctions between these roads are already overloaded and under-designed, leading to numerous accidents and subsequent congestion in Coddington and Newark. The A17’s difficulties are further exacerbated by the newer mini-roundabout giving access to the Currys’ warehouse complex. … Moreover, the current design of the A17 east of the A1 and A46 is not satisfactory. This modern, fast, single carriageway trunk road already has a poor accident record. Its junctions with Drove Lane are recognised as staggered, dangerous crossroads in need of improvement, even before the potential advent of nearby 180 HGV movements on and off it per day. The A17 is also a busy tourist route every year.”

With these traffic dangers in terms of present roads it would seem essential that substantial road improvements will be needed before there is any consideration of establishing a quarry on this site.