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The National Civil War Centre – Newark Museum hopes to attract 57,000 visitors per year, also a Heritage Trail with mobile technologies moving between Queens Sconce, The Castle, Southwell, and Thurgarton, will both add to the volume of traffic on the already congested roads.

When collecting signatures for our petition in Newark on two Saturday market days we were frequently told by visitors from Lincoln, Bingham, Grantham and nearby villages, that it is a nightmare driving into the town on shopping expeditions.

The A46 and A17 roads also have to accommodate extra holiday traffic in the summer and lorries and tractors en route to the sugar beet factory (B6326) in the winter months, and as reported these roads are at capacity now; any further large commercial business such as a quarry with the proposed 180+ vehicle movements per day would further exacerbate the problem.

Newark-on-Trent is a strategic point, it has the only river crossing between Nottingham and Dunham-on-Trent in Lincolnshire, traffic travelling north/south (A1), east/west (A46) and the A17 all culminate at Newark to cross the River Trent.  Newark-on-Trent is rightly known as the ‘Key to the North’.